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Use our comparison tool to source the best conveyancing costs for your requirements. Our conveyancing comparison engine consists of solicitors and licensed conveyancers from all over the country who are able to provide their services at some of the most competitive prices to be found on the internet, you be able to see their latest reviews so that you will be confident with who you chose. All conveyancing can be done completely remotely with no need to have a face to face meeting. All documents can be scanned and sent directly, some documents will need to be certified.

  • No completion, no fee guarantee
  • Case tracking updated every time there is an update to your case.
  • You will receive updates via email and SMS text
  • Large panel of conveyancing solicitors from around the country
  • Document upload facility direct to the solicitor
  • Buy-to-let priced as standard purchase
  • Care pack sent within 2 hours of instruction
  • Direct live link to solicitor
  • See solicitors feedback before instructing

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